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November 27, 2010

limited array_agg output on 8.3

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Someone asked about it on postgresql-general mailing list. Here’s my way of doing it.


We need the limit_array_append() function. So here it is:

CREATE FUNCTION limit_array_append(anyarray, anyelement, integer) RETURNS anyarray AS
   SELECT (array_append($1, $2))[1:$3];

The array_agg() function is obviously predefined on 8.3.

Than we need to define the aggregate:

CREATE AGGREGATE limit_array_agg(anyelement, integer)
   SFUNC = limit_array_append,
   STYPE = anyarray,
   INITCOND = '{}'


The result is beautiful limited array_agg. Same thing can be obviously done much better, both code wise, and performance wise on 8.4+ with window functions.

To test just do:

select limit_array_agg((random()*626)::integer, 3) FROM generate_series(1, 20) i GROUP BY (i/7)::integer; 

(3 rows)

Easy, ain’t ?


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